Operation Theater
One Minor Ot,all General,ortho, Laproscopic Surgeries.c-arm and Anaesthesia Work Station .
Orthopedic centre
Accident and Fracture care.Joints Repair And Implants Center.
The Versana Essential world-class ultrasound machine can help you raise your standard of care. This complete ultrasound scan solution empowers you to enhance and expand your services and deepen your connections with patients.
X-ray 24 hours Available Within the premises.
Non-Covid Hospital
Always Non-Covid Hospital.
New Modular OT
All kind of laparoscopic surgeries done like appendix,bladder,hernia,cyst ,ovarian tumour,hysterectomy ,stone removal.
8 Bedded Modern Icu With Full Life Support With Round the Clock Intensivist.
In house pathology
Complete Pathology 24 Hours Services.
Medical Store
Complete Medical Check-up.24 Hours Emergency Services : Medical, Maternity, Surgical, Trauma, Accident Fracture Treatment.
Hepatobiliary surgery
Laparoscopic removal of Gall stones and Urinary stones
Kidney Stone Removal Surgery
Laparoscopic removal of Gall stones and Urinary stones
Spinal and Supra Spinal Surgery‚Äč
Supra and supra spinal surgeries done here by the best spinal surgeons